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Environment Activists Protest


My name is Jasmine Kaur, and I'm the founder of Global Initiative. I am a rising senior in Georgia at my local high school.  In my free time, I love reading mystery book series, writing, exploring designs on Canva, etc. I hope to get accepted to Emory University, and major in either Biology or Biochemistry. I’m also an aspiring dermatologist.



Welcome to Global Initiative, an organization working to shine light on global issues through newsletter articles, paintings, comic strips, videos, etc. I started Global Initiative because I saw that a lot of issues in society today aren't receiving enough attention. It is important to educate ourselves and the world around us. People have to see pictures and statistics to believe that this type of life exists. Even if an issue doesn’t affect you, it still affects others. Take the Yemen crisis as an example. This crisis began around 2015, and is receiving attention now.  Along with this pandemic, Yemen is facing shortages in basic everyday necessities. Children shouldn't have to think when their next meal is going to be, not have access to basic healthcare, or education. Remember when you learned about concentration camps in your history class? Concentration camps still exist in countries such as China, and many others. ICE is kicking out thousands of international students from the US. How is that okay? Too many people have their eyes and mouth “closed.”   I want to help make a change. I want to take a stand for those who can't, while keeping my eyes and mouth “open.”

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